Dental Bridges

What is Dental Bridge work?

A bridge is used to essentially bridge the gap in an area where a tooth is missing. If you've lost a tooth naturally or due to extraction, the empty space left behind can cause you to feel badly about your smile. In order to fill in this area, a custom made bridge can be placed. Bridges are able to withstand years worth of pressure and force, so you can expect your new bridge to last for many years before complete replacement of the bridge is needed.

Why might Dental Bridges be a necessity?

The major reason you may need a bridge is because you're missing one or two of your natural teeth. Bridges are supported by the surrounding teeth and the center portion of the fixed bridge will contain the pontic, which is the false tooth, that sits over the gum line. Dental bridges are comfortable and realistic-looking. They offer both cosmetic as well as restorative benefits because it's easier to eat and chew with all of your teeth in place.

Who is a viable candidate for Dental Bridge work?

Bridges are often better suited to patients who either don't want a dental implant or for those who cannot sit for the procedure. To make the decision if a bridge is needed, we'll examine your teeth. Bridges are a great way to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting out of place, which could cause issues with crowding and misalignment. If you have a worn older fixed bridge that's showing signs of wear, we can remove and then replace this effortlessly in our office.

What can be expected during treatment of Dental Emergencies?

The fixed bridge procedure begins with anesthetic that is useful in fully numbing one section of the mouth. We then use a dental drill to carve down the two adjacent teeth so that there's more than enough room for the bridge to sit on top. Dental impressions will then be taken and utilized to create the brand new bridge that's right for you. We then fit the bridge in place at a second appointment, and we make small adjustments to the way it feels and fits. You can floss ever so carefully around the new bridge and brush it normally as you would your natural teeth. The restoration will last you for a multitude of years without showing signs of wear.

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